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Robin Hall HR becomes Inspiring People HR

Posted by Robin at 11:57 AM on Jun 30, 2016


You've noticed haven't you. You went looking for Robin Hall HR's website and you've ended up here. Don't hit the back button as you've not come to the wrong place and our site hasn't been hijacked by a less scrupulous competitor - we've just changed our name.

From here on in, Robin Hall HR has become Inspiring People HR.

So why bother when it would have been much easier not to change? Let me tell you...

Robin Hall HR started life just over 5 short years ago. When I set my company up I had a clear view of what I wanted to offer potential clients. I wanted to make big company HR expertise available to small and medium sized businesses (SME's). And I wanted to ensure that employers started to appreciate the benefits of using positive people practices to help them exceed their customer's expectation and outrun their competition.

I wanted these things because I recognised that SME's were largely missing out on all the great HR thinking out there to help businesses get the best out of their people and I also wanted my brand to reflect my own strongly held beliefs that there is a kinder way to do business which places human feelings at the heart of every management decision taken.

In the 5 years since starting Robin Hall HR my mission has evolved to become much clearer to me. I began to understand over this time that my opportunity was to make work better - better so that my clients become more productive and better so that my clients' employees felt better about coming to work. (I should add that my mission statement was developed and published a long time before my professional body the CIPD chose 'Championing better work and better working lives' as there mission!) This developed within myself to become my secret mission to kill off the Sunday night blues - that dreadful feeling that casts a dark cloud over the end of many of our weekends in anticipation of the new work of work ahead of them.

I have now seen my business grow with a client list that I can be truly proud of. I'm proud of my clients because they reflect the values that I care most about. The businesses amongst them all have to make a profit but they also place great importance on looking after their people - doing what they can to help them grow, feel great about the work they do and appreciate the value that their roles and the business itself offers to the wider world - because they know that their business success starts and ends with their people. I don't think it was an accident that I came to support such enterprises - I believe it was an alignment of values. I believe that my clients recognised in my business, Robin Hall HR, perhaps even on an unconscious level in those early days, the same values that they themselves held and they ultimately chose Robin Hall HR simply because we both recognised the importance of approaching people management in the same way.

Having established my business under my own name I have now decided that the time is right to develop my brand so that I am even clearer to the outside world about the kind of HR service that I offer. So I'm taking the Ronseal approach (remember their TV advert in the 90's?) - "It does what is says on the tin".

Inspiring People HR means just that. I'm here to help you inspire your people to give the best they can to your organisation. My people approach can be characterised as:

  • Underpinning your organisation with a sound understanding of how people are motivated to give their best
  • Providing calm, clear and firm guidance so that you as people leader have the confidence you need to deal with all the people challenges out there
  • Having a great breadth of practical HR, legal and, crucially, business experience to provide you with the expertise and insight you need to make the best decisions with your people

So, if you already are a client of Robin Hall HR you can expect more of the same and, if you're thinking about engaging Inspiring People HR I hope it's a little clearer about what kind of HR service you can expect.

Want to know more? Why don't you call us on 01273 251152 to discuss further. Already looking forward to helping your organisation get the best out of its people.

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